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The impact of Legionella can be huge, so it’s important that projects are aware of effective disease control as part of their project planning and delivery. Legionella bacteria is a risk across many projects and affects both hot and cold water systems. Outbreaks can occur when plumbing lines or mechanical equipment are not tested frequently or adequately, and tests should be carried out as a minimum of every two years unless in a high risk area which requires more frequent tests.

The Critical Path team offers support via Legionella Awareness Training, Legionella Risk Assessments and Water Sampling.

Legionella Control & Monitoring
Water Sampling
Legionella Awareness Training

Our team can carry out a comprehensive Legionella risk assessment to help identify any potential risks to your workforce and propose suitable methods for prevention, control, monitoring, inspection, and ongoing maintenance of your water systems.

Employers' legal duty is to understand the health risks associated with Legionella and take adequate measures to prevent outbreaks, such as microbiological sampling and Legionella testing.

Legionella bacteria is a risk for almost all buildings' hot and cold-water systems; an outbreak can occur when water in plumbing lines or mechanical equipment is not tested frequently or adequately.

Our team can conduct water sampling tests for different types of microbiological activity.

We cover all aspects of Legionella awareness and control to ensure your business complies with all regulations.

Our team can help you gain a more vital understanding of what you can do to prevent a Legionella outbreak in your water systems.

Who we work with

The team are highly qualified and utilise ISO standards and have over 15 years of experience in public and private sector projects, and working across industries including manufacturing, engineering, construction, healthcare, oil and gas, commercial cleaning, aerospace, utilities, railway and transport.

Are you facing the following challenges?

Critical Path can support Legionella awareness and control and ensure regulations are met. The team can also offer vital guidance and instruction on how to prevent a Legionella outbreak in your water systems.

  • Do you require a risk assessment for Legionella Bacteria?
  • Have you determined how to prevent an outbreak of Legionella Bacteria?
  • Are you regularly inspecting and cleaning your water systems?
  • Do you require external support for Legionella Awareness Training?
  • Do you require a water sampling of your hot and cold water systems?
What is Legionella Bacteria?

A root cause of Legionella outbreaks is generally down to a lack of awareness of the risks and how to control them.

Legionella, also known as Legionnaires' disease, is a severe form of lung inflammation that can lead to pneumonia; Legionella bacteria are naturally found in lakes, groundwater, and rivers and is generally harmless.

Legionella bacteria can rapidly grow and, over time, increase the risk of bacteria exposure in hot and cold-water systems; this can be due to low water flow and rust, eventually causing stagnant water within the water systems.

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