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Occupational Health Surveillance

Critical Path works with a specialist team that is highly qualified and offers a vast range of services to ensure that people are fit for work after an illness or injury.

Our team supports people in the workplace with any medical conditions or disabilities that may require special equipment or workplace adjustments.

Our Occupational Health Surveillance Services

Health Surveillance
Mental Health Training
Training Courses

Investing in your employees to promote a healthy and safe environment can lead to substantial cost savings and improve productivity in your workforce. 

Employees exposed to fumes, dust, solvents, biological agents, noise or vibration and other hazardous substances may be required to be checked by law.

Our team can ensure a smooth transition when leaving for illness and returning to work; we can help you with the following:

  • Fit-for-work medical assessments
  • Hearing analysis
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Lung function testing
  • Nutrition and weight loss support
  • Drug and alcohol support

The number of employees with recognised Mental Health conditions in the UK is growing. Mental Health training helps employees identify, understand and support someone struggling with their mental health.

Our team provides 'First Aid for Mental Health' training courses to ensure that your employees understand the importance of assessing mental health within the workplace and the potential effects on those suffering from mental health issues.

Our team provide a range of Ofqual regulated, nationally recognised 'First Aid for Mental Health' qualifications.

The objectives of the following qualifications are to introduce and explore different types of mental ill-health and understand how to support individuals continually.

  • Level 1 (RQF) First Aid for Mental Health Awareness – half-day course giving a basic introduction to mental health, suitable for staff at all levels.
  • Level 2 (RQF) First Aid for Mental Health – a one-day course suitable for those wishing to act as mental health first aiders or to complement the skills of physical first aiders.
  • Level 3 (RQF) Supervising First Aid for Mental Health – a two-day course suitable for those overseeing mental health arrangements.

The proper training can help employees know what to look for and ways to provide aid to those who may be suffering; contact an expert today to find out more.

Who we work with

The team are highly qualified and utilise ISO standards and have over 15 years of experience in public and private sector projects, and working across industries including manufacturing, engineering, construction, healthcare, oil and gas, commercial cleaning, aerospace, utilities, railway and transport.

Are you facing the following challenges?

Identifying, assessing and finding proactive solutions to health hazards in the workplace requires a specialist and qualified team. It’s an employer's responsibility to ensure a workplace is safe. Failure to do so can have huge implications for a business as well as an employer, and there are specialists available to avoid and deal with potential issues.

Working with UKAS accredited laboratories and specialist bodies, the Critical Path team can give clear and accurate guidance on keeping your workplace safe.

  • Do you need support managing short- and long-term sickness absences?
  • Do you require a fit-for-work medical assessment?
  • Do you require Mental Health Training for your team? 
  • Do you need support to ensure your workforce's health, safety, and welfare? 
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Here are some useful resources for learning more about Occupational Health Surveillance.





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