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COP 28 Impact: Key Insights

Climate Change

January 22, 2024

What is COP?

The Conference of the Parties (COP) stands as a vital global forum under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Here, nations convene to assess progress in addressing climate change, negotiate agreements, and commit to combating environmental challenges. It plays a crucial role in shaping international climate policies and initiatives.

COP 28’s Impact and Direction

The 28th session of COP, held in Dubai, constituted a significant event in the ongoing climate dialogue. Its focus was on accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels, fostering substantial emissions reduction, and emphasising the need for increased financial support for climate initiatives.

Impact on Businesses

For the business world, COP 28’s outcome implies a substantial shift towards sustainability. Moreover, companies are now more than ever encouraged to integrate environmentally friendly practices and consider their climate impact. This shift is not solely about compliance; it's evolving into a core aspect of business strategy and market positioning.

Effects on SMEs

SMEs face unique challenges and opportunities in this new climate-focused landscape. While adapting to environmental regulations and adopting green technologies might be initially demanding, it also opens prospects for innovation and access to emerging markets prioritising sustainability.

The Agenda of COP 28

The agenda revolved around several key issues:

Global Climate Assessment: The conference conducted a thorough stocktake of progress made since the Paris Agreement.

Focus on Loss and Damage: Significant attention was on establishing a fund to support countries most affected by climate change.

Prioritising Climate Finance: COP 28 underscored the critical role of finance in enabling comprehensive climate action, with an emphasis on increasing funding and investment in sustainable initiatives.

Opportunities for Net Zero Businesses

Businesses aiming for net zero emissions are particularly well-placed in the post-COP 28 era. They stand to benefit from increased funding options, favourable market conditions for sustainable products and services, and a surge in innovation opportunities related to low-carbon technologies and practices.


COP 28 marks a pivotal point in global climate efforts, emphasising the urgency of action and the vast opportunities for businesses to align with sustainability goals. Additionally, both large corporations and SMEs are crucial in driving the shift towards a more sustainable future. The decisions and actions resulting from COP 28 will significantly influence our environmental and economic path in the forthcoming years.

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