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HSH Motor Group: Safeguarding Workshops and Showrooms

Fire Risk Assessment

Established in 1991, HSH Motor Group is a prominent family-owned Dealer Group operating three prestigious dealerships in Bristol, Bath, and Cardiff, UK. Renowned for their exceptional sales and service, they specialise in offering new and approved Honda and MG vehicles to retail and commercial customers.

Over the years, HSH Motor Group has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the UK's top dealership groups. Their commitment to excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the industry.

At HSH Motor Group, their friendly and knowledgeable team goes above and beyond to provide customers with the highest quality of service and aftersales support. With a customer-centric approach, they ensure that every interaction is personalised, professional, and exceeds expectations.

As all business owners and senior managers responsible for Fire Risk and Health and Safety will know how important it is to have total faith and trust in the people, you entrust in keeping customers, staff, and members of the public safe while in or near your business premises.

HSH Motor Group has been in partnership with Critical Path International for 4 years, and we have forged a strong relationship with Matthew and his team, a relationship built on trust, honesty, and reliability.

Since our initial meeting with Matthew, he has demonstrated his passion for all things H&S and Fire Risk related. With his professionalism and clear and direct communication, HSH Motor Group now manages the day-to-day Fire Risk and Health and Safety responsibilities with ease. With regular site visits and having Matthew and his team always available to answer questions, it has been a welcome relief to those managers who take safety at work as paramount importance in their day to day working life.

Thank you, Critical Path, and we all look forward to many years in partnership.

Scott Smith

Dealer Principal

The Challenge

HSH Motor Group, renowned for its vehicle repairs workshop, embarked on a journey to tackle the challenges associated with comprehensive fire risk assessment and maintaining optimal health and safety standards. This case study explores the hurdles they faced and the proactive measures they took to ensure a safe and secure working environment for employees, visitors, suppliers, and the general public.

Challenge 1: Identifying Potential Hazards

The nature of a vehicle repairs workshop poses inherent risks. HSH Motor Group recognised the need to identify and assess potential fire hazards, including flammable materials, electrical systems, and hot work activities. They understood the importance of a systematic approach to ensure thorough risk evaluation.

Challenge 2: Ensuring Compliance with Regulations

With stringent health and safety regulations in place, HSH Motor Group faced the challenge of aligning its operations with legal requirements and industry standards. They needed to navigate the complex landscape of regulations, codes of practice, and fire safety guidelines to establish a compliant and safe environment.

Challenge 3: Developing Effective Control Measures

Once potential hazards were identified, HSH Motor Group had to determine and implement effective control measures to minimise fire risks. This involved evaluating fire detection and suppression systems, emergency evacuation procedures, and the proper storage and handling of flammable materials.

Challenge 4: Employee Engagement and Training

Ensuring the commitment and cooperation of employees in maintaining a safe working environment was crucial. HSH Motor Group understood the importance of engaging its workforce through comprehensive training programs, regular fire drills, and fostering a safety-oriented culture.

Challenge 5: Ongoing Compliance and Maintenance

Creating a safe environment was not a one-time effort. HSH Motor Group faced the challenge of maintaining ongoing compliance, conducting regular inspections, and keeping up with evolving regulations. They needed a robust system to ensure continuous risk assessment and management.

How We Helped

To address these concerns, our team closely collaborated with the after-sales Director, Paul, and the internal Health and Safety Manager, Robin. We provided external consultancy support to implement a robust Health and Safety Management System that would mitigate risks effectively.

Our consultants conducted an extensive onsite review of all operational areas, including workshops, showrooms, and other relevant sections of the site. We engaged with the staff to foster a culture of control and evaluated specific factors crucial for developing a tailored Health and Safety Management System.


Overcoming Challenges

Understanding the inherent risks, we paid special attention to fire safety. Our consultants, in coordination with the after-sales Director, conducted comprehensive fire risk assessments. Key areas covered included fire alarm zones, escape routes, designated fire exits, firefighting equipment locations, and more. We prioritised safety measures for hot works involving oxyacetylene torches, thermal coupling, heat wands, and heat guns prevalent in the vehicle workshop.


In addition to fire risk assessments, we assessed other critical aspects, such as staff training, handling of airbag inflator units, inspection and servicing of workshop equipment, safe storage of hazardous substances, and segregation of flammable liquids and gases. Our goal was to create a well-rounded Health and Safety Management System that catered to the specific needs of HSH Motor Group.

Results Achieved

HSH Motor Group's success story is a testament to the importance of overcoming challenges in fire risk assessment, ensuring compliance, engaging employees, and maintaining ongoing safety measures. Their commitment to a safe working environment showcases their unwavering dedication to excellence, employee well-being, and the highest standards of fire safety.

As a result of working together, Critical Path helped HSH Motor Group in many ways, including:

Long-term Support: By working closely with HSH Motor Group, we successfully implemented a comprehensive Health and Safety Management System across their workshops and showrooms. They have subscribed to our Health and Safety consultancy support, ensuring ongoing compliance and effective operations. Our team conducts quarterly reviews, providing valuable insights to optimise their health and safety practices.

Empowering Safety, Ensuring Compliance: Through our expertise and collaborative approach, HSH Motor Group has achieved a high standard of health and safety management. Our tailored solutions have empowered them to confidently manage day-to-day operations while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Elevate Your Health and Safety Standards: Just like HSH Motor Group, you can benefit from our specialised support and expertise. Safeguard your workplace, streamline operations, and achieve optimal compliance. Subscribe to our Health and Safety consultancy services today and experience a transformative journey towards a safer and more secure environment.


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