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ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is an international standard on how to manage information security. The aim of ISO 27001 is to manage information risks, such as cyber-attacks, criminal hacks, data leaks and thefts.

The standard includes a list of essential requirements for building and implementing an Information Security Management System, also known as an 'ISMS'.

Our ISO 27001 Services

Our experts at Critical Path provide a wide range of services, from off-the-shelf "tool kits" to fully bespoke management system builds (ISMS) and consultancy.

We focus on getting it right and ensuring all our clients understand the value of their data and information and the potential impact a data breach or cyber-attack could have on their organisation.

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) 
  • Information Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment Reviews
  • Resilience and Continuity Testing 
  • ISO 27001 Gap Analysis
  • ISO 27001 Document Pack
  • ISO 27001 Internal Auditor Training
  • Process and Procedure Review and Improvement
  • ISO 27001 Management System Installation
  • Corrective Action and Non-conformance Resolution
  • Third-party Preparedness Audit 
  • External Audit Hosting 

Becoming ISO Certified With Critical Path

Step 1: Decide On A Standard

Deciding which ISO standards will benefit your organisation can be difficult and time-consuming. Our team are here to assist you through the process from start to finish. We recommend scheduling an introductory call with one of our advisors to understand your business requirements better.

Step 1:
Decide On A Standard

Step 2: Onsite Gap Analysis

Should you choose Critical Path to help you achieve and manage ISO, you will be assigned a designated ISO consultant to arrange a gap analysis onsite at your offices. The gap analysis includes a full review of your current internal policies, processes, and procedures. Then, your consultant will work with you to 'fill in the gaps' and provide you with all documents required.

Step 2:
Onsite Gap Analysis

Step 3: Action Plan

Your designated ISO consultant will prepare a bespoke action plan to work with you to redesign your internal processes and document changes; this is the start of your business’s journey to achieving ISO certification.

Step 3:
Action Plan

Step 4: Implementation

Upon completing the action plan, your consultant will work with you to prepare all documentation and processes to comply with the latest ISO standards. You will have nearly reached your goal of becoming an ISO certified business.

Step 4:

Step 5: Training

We will provide you with staff training and unlimited remote support. Over time, this will save your organisation time and money on employing an in-house dedicated ISO resource as Critical Path to manage everything for you.

Step 5:

Step 6: Pre-Audit

Your ISO consultant will carry out an online or onsite pre-audit of your management system to prepare you for the official audit that a third-party auditing body must carry out. We have a track record of a 100% pass rate for both UKAS and non-UKAS audits, and we are partnered with the best auditing bodies to help arrange the audit for you and streamline the process.

Step 6:

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Who we work with

ISO standards are not specific to any industry and, therefore, can be applied to organisations of any size and sector. Our highly experienced team have 15+ years of experience assisting clients in the following sectors: manufacturing, engineering, construction, healthcare, oil and gas, commercial cleaning, aerospace, utilities, railway and transport.

We have assisted 800+ clients in developing permanent control over their quality products, processes and improvement opportunities.

What are the benefits of ISO 27001?

Achieving ISO 27001 shows that your organisation focuses on security practices, resilience, and control. It also helps you to:

  • Safeguard your information and assets.
  • Build and ensure trust between you and your interested parties.
  • Implement robust plans and controls that show commitment to information security.
  • Prevent extensive scale damage to your business. 
  • Prevent potential damage to your organisation's reputation. 
  • Build resilience through a disaster recovery plan. 
History of the ISO 27001 Standard

ISO 27001 was first published in 2005 to aid organisations in controlling their assets, such as the information trusted by third parties, financial information, information about its employees and intellectual property.

The standard was revised in 2013 and will be reviewed and updated to ISO 27001:2022 soon.

What is the focus of ISO 27001?

The focus of ISO 27001 is to help control, mitigate and continually improve upon an organisation's data, information, and asset risks. By implementing a robust risk treatment methodology, you will review and change the business's technological, physical, and behavioural aspects.

How Critical Path can help?

Critical Path has many years of experience working with organisations across numerous business sectors wishing to achieve ISO 27001 certification.

Our experts will work closely with your team to ensure all business areas are adequately reviewed for the assets, system and method used to create a robust and resilient set of controls.

We will ensure we fully understand your business practices and aim to make the process have as little impact as possible on the day-to-day activities yet ensure your ISMS is fit for purpose.

Are you facing the following challenges?

  • Are your information security procedures and methods effective?
  • Have you determined the requirements for an ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS)? 
  • Have you determined how to protect your organisation from a 
  • Do you have areas of 'gaps' in your Information Security policies, processes, and procedures? 
  • Are you struggling to conduct internal audits for ISO 27001?

If you want to know how our team can help you build an effective Information Security Management System, get in touch with an expert today.

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