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Claims & Dispute Resolution Services

Critical Path offers global support and specialist knowledge for the construction and engineering sectors, particularly in handling dispute management and resolution.

Disputes can and do happen, but they needn’t become an issue if dealt with swiftly. Disputes in construction and engineering projects can often arise due to a change in scope, unforeseen changes or errors in project management and control. As a result it can leave employers and contractors unable to progress on a project, incurring more costs and delays as well as impacting a final project delivery date.

With an experienced team in offices based in the UK, India and Abu Dhabi, the Critical Path team utilises industry best practices to investigate and resolve disputes. From the offset they can provide tools including ‘what if’ analysis and risk management to determine potential disputes before they occur, and during a project they can offer resolutions to allow a project to be progressed and completed. In an advisory role they can also provide guidance should a dispute escalate to judicial proceedings.

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Our Claims & Dispute Resolution Services

As a consultancy, the Critical Path team is well versed in handling disputes relating to time and cost, and their impacts on efficient and economic project delivery. With expertise in delay and quantum analysis, Critical Path can help at all stages of the dispute process.

In an advisory role, Critical Path can support your team utilising our specialist and significant experiance to investigate the source of a dispute and the next best steps. As a result, they can guide towards a resolution allowing projects to continue and be delivered as required.

We offer specialist forensic delay and quantum analysis services that can aid Dispute Management and Resolution.

The team also offers tailored training workshops and seminars to allow organisations to better understand the impact of effective dispute management and resolution.

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