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Critical Path is a specialist international consultancy providing bespoke consulting, advisory and expert time, cost and quality management services and solutions for various industries and sectors. 

Our services are scalable and tailored to suit our client's specific and identified needs and are implemented and delivered with cognisance of industry and sector best practices and guidelines.

ISO Services

ISO consulting services covering quality, environmental, health and safety and business continuity.

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Dispute Resolution

Resolve delays and disruption claims with rigorous analysis and appropriate mitigation strategies.

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Project Controls

Plan, monitor and control projects efficiently and overcome time and cost implications of project change.

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Health & Safety

Identify, assess and find proactive solutions to control workplace hazards including physical, biological and chemical.

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Case Studies

Here are some examples of projects we've completed in the past.

Our Clients

Here are some of the businesses that we've helped out.

The Oscar System

Oscar is the online tool we recommend to our clients to help them move away from the traditional paper-based way of managing ISO. The system is fully integrated for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards.

24/7 Accessibility & Security

The system is accessible from any device with an internet connection and is hosted from a secure server farm; therefore, it has 24/7 365 availability guaranteed.

Automated Email Notifications

All user instructions are recorded via an on-screen and email notification; this ensures no instruction is ever missed.

User Access Level Control

It has two user access levels, allowing management to see the whole system and edit documents, whereas an employee can only access relevant information.

Corrective Action Reporting

When a non-conformance is raised, a notification will automatically send to the applicable user/s to be continually monitored until completed.

Document Version Control & Traceability

Within ISO, you must maintain version control, so the system automatically provides that capability with an entire history of previous document versions.

Fully Maintained Legal Register

The system has a full legal register which we update every six months, and users can define which legislation applies to them with the click of a button.

Task Scheduler

Any one-off or repetitive task/s can be entered into the system. The relevant user will be informed; the system will automatically generate this to notify the user once completed.

Automated Document Control

Any documents held outside of the system can be automatically uploaded with the click of a button, and the system will generate a version number.

Dynamic Risk Assessment Tool

The system allows a user to automatically create a risk assessment for any area of the business, which will automatically generate the version number

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