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Safety First Group (SFG) are based in Staffordshire and was founded by Ash Samms and Will Dooley, experts in the Occupational Hygiene industry for over ten years.

SFG provide the full spectrum of health and safety compliance solutions covering Legionella control and monitoring, occupational hygiene services, mental health training and DSEAR.

They work with some of the UK's well-known organisations and provide a first-class service to their clients at an affordable price.

I have worked with Matt at Critical Path for approximately four years, from the early stages of file-based Quality systems right through to the online system Oscar making our working life easier today. Using the Oscar system has streamlined our compliance and ensured that we use proper, remotely accessible, and user-friendly software to ensure our ISO 9001 accreditation every year and improve quality throughout the business. Matt and his team have been straightforward to speak with and understand our ISO requirements.

William Dooley

Managing Director

The Challenge

Safety First Group were rapidly growing and already had a solid foundation of company quality policies, processes and procedures held in a paper-based format for ISO 9001.

SFG wanted a more accessible and efficient way to manage their ISO documentation. Our consultancy team here at Critical Path acknowledged that this is a consistent problem within the business consulting sector and came up with a solution.

How We Helped

Organisations need a more comprehensive, sustainable, and affordable strategy to manage ISO. So, Critical Path recently launched Oscar, the outsourced system for compliance and resolution explicitly designed to achieve and continually manage ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 accreditations.

Our sales team arranged an onsite demonstration with SFG to show the features and functionality of using the Oscar system and help our client move away from the traditional paper-based methods of managing ISO.

We recognised that ISO and the administrative tasks that come with managing ISO could be time-consuming and challenging to navigate on your own, so our process was designed to streamline all these pain points.

Upon SFG viewing the software demonstration, they subscribed to Oscar along with ISO consultancy support to aid in the transition from their time-consuming paper-based method to the Oscar system.

Results Achieved

We worked hand-in-hand with top management and their team to provide complete system user training on the Oscar system and its functionality. As a result, SFG can now access, edit and update all their ISO documents with ease without the repetitive task of re-writing and editing documents.

Will and his team now use the Oscar portal daily to streamline the management of their quality policies, processes, and procedures. As a result, Critical Path continues to provide ongoing ISO 9001 support, including an annual system review to ensure confidence in passing their verification audit via a third-party auditing body.

In addition, Critical Path has developed a strong working relationship with Safety First Group and have arranged a referral partnership agreement to expand our service offering throughout the UK.

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