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SebSpace is part of Ghekko Group, an international telecom equipment supplier and has been operating in the UK, USA, and Ireland for 30 years.

The founder's son came up with the fantastic idea of renting out an office space and making it a fun, shared coworking office space in Macclesfield.

SebSpace is a vibrant and uplifting office space offering competitive rates for hot-desking, dedicated desks, meeting rooms and private office packages. In addition, the office is well equipped with a drinks bar, coffee machine, pool table, eating and chillout areas.

As a new start-up business offering coworking spaces to rent, the area for Health & Safety was very niche. This led to us finding Matt & Megan at Critical Path; their extensive knowledge in the industry allowed us to ensure the correct measures were put in place in a timely fashion. Both are extremely thorough in their job roles and great to work with. We cannot recommend Critical Path enough.

Sarah Walley

Office Manager

The Challenge

At the time, SebSpace was a brand-new coworking space with essential health and safety documentation in place. However, due to a low number of employees, SebSpace doesn't require a dedicated internal health and safety resource.

SebSpace have employees and members within their shared office space in Cheshire, making it a particular area within health and safety with specific documentation required for their needs.

How We Helped

As SebSpace doesn't require dedicated personnel, they appointed Matt here at Critical Path as their external support for part-time assistance that can deliver full-time impact for a fraction of the cost.

Matt helped address the individual areas of concern by providing a full onsite safety audit of its offices and surrounding areas. The audit outcome included a written report of findings, recommendations, and actions.

Results Achieved

We worked closely with the Office/Buildings Manager Sarah to provide consultancy and implementation support as well as create an entirely bespoke documentation pack including the following:

  • Site check sheets
  • Fire evacuation plans
  • Specialist policies
  • Duty of care advice

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