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SebSpace: Prioritising Workplace Health & Safety

Health & Safety

SebSpace, a dynamic coworking office space in Macclesfield, is a part of the esteemed Ghekko Group, a global telecom equipment supplier with a remarkable 30-year presence in the UK, USA, and Ireland.

SebSpace offers a vibrant shared workspace, boasting competitive rates for hot-desking, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, and private office packages. Complementing these amenities are features like a well-stocked drinks bar, a high-quality coffee machine, a recreational pool table, and comfortable eating and chillout areas.

As a new start-up business offering coworking spaces to rent, the area for Health & Safety was very niche. This led to us finding Matt & Megan at Critical Path; their extensive knowledge in the industry allowed us to ensure the correct measures were put in place in a timely fashion. Both are extremely thorough in their job roles and great to work with. We cannot recommend Critical Path enough.

Sarah Walley

Office Manager

The Challenge

As a relatively new coworking space with a modest number of employees, SebSpace did not require a dedicated internal health and safety resource. However, due to the presence of employees and members within the shared office space in Cheshire, specific health and safety considerations had to be addressed with proper documentation and compliance measures.

How We Helped

To efficiently and cost-effectively meet their health and safety needs, SebSpace sought external support. They enlisted the expertise of Matt, a knowledgeable consultant from Critical Path, who provided part-time assistance with full-time impact.

Matt, serving as an external health and safety consultant, undertook a comprehensive onsite safety audit of SebSpace's offices and surrounding areas. The audit formed the foundation for identifying areas of improvement and devising a tailored plan to enhance health and safety practices.

Results Achieved

Working in close collaboration with Sarah, the dedicated Office/Buildings Manager at SebSpace, we provided expert consultancy and implementation support. Together, we created an entirely bespoke documentation pack tailored to SebSpace's specific requirements, encompassing essential elements such as site check sheets, detailed fire evacuation plans, specialist policies, and comprehensive duty of care advice.

By implementing these tailored measures, SebSpace now boasts a robust health and safety framework, prioritising the well-being and security of its employees and members. Their workspace exudes confidence and trust, exemplifying their unwavering commitment to creating a safe and secure environment.

With the support of Critical Path and the expertise of Matt, SebSpace successfully navigated the challenges of health and safety compliance. Through our collaborative efforts, SebSpace has achieved an optimal balance between fostering creativity, driving productivity, and ensuring safety.

Embrace the Power of Tailored Solutions: Just like SebSpace, your organisation can benefit from our expertise in health and safety consultancy. Together, we can create a customised framework that precisely meets your unique needs, ensuring compliance and fostering peace of mind. Contact our experienced team at Critical Path to elevate your workplace health and safety standards today.

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