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Efficiency Through Process Mapping

Process Mapping

February 12, 2024


Process mapping is a key strategy for optimisation, offering a structured visual representation of business workflows. This blog post will explore the essence, significance, various types, and benefits of process mapping alongside how Critical Path can assist you with business process mapping services. 

What is a Process Map?

Process mapping is a strategic tool that provides a visual diagram detailing the steps required to complete a specific task or achieve a goal within an organisation. It acts as a blueprint, illustrating every action, decision point, and sequence of activities from commencement to conclusion. Process maps use various symbols and visual cues to depict the flow of work, making complex procedures more straightforward to understand and analyse.

Why Does a Business Need a Process Map?

Process mapping is crucial for businesses aiming to enhance efficiency and achieve their objectives more effectively. It offers a clear roadmap of decision-making and workflow, aiding in identifying inefficiencies, redundancies, and bottlenecks within processes. The visual nature of process maps facilitates broader understanding and engagement, simplifying complex documentation and fostering a collaborative environment for process improvement.

Types of Process Maps 

High-Level Process Maps: Offer a bird's-eye view of a process, identifying key elements like suppliers, inputs, processes, outputs, and customers (SIPOC).

Basic Flowcharts: Offer a straightforward visual overview of a process, highlighting its inputs and outputs.

Deployment Maps: Also known as cross-functional flowcharts, these maps illustrate the interactions between different departments using swimlane diagrams.

Detailed Process Maps: Provide an in-depth look at a process, including its sub-processes.

Value Stream Maps (VSM): A lean six sigma tool documenting the steps needed to deliver a product or service from start to finish.

Rendered Process Maps: Visualise current and/or future state processes to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Benefits of Process Mapping 

How Critical Path Can Help

We can help organisations of all sizes with process mapping services, and we typically follow the four steps below: 

Step 1

We start by sitting down with you and your leadership team to understand what you're looking to achieve with process mapping. It's about getting a clear picture of your goals and how we'll scope out the work.

Step 2

Then, we move on to talking directly with your team members who handle the day-to-day tasks. By chatting one-on-one, we get real, unfiltered insights into how things are done, which helps us understand the nitty-gritty of your processes.

Step 3

With all the insights in hand, we go ahead and create a visual map. This map is designed to be straightforward and easy to understand, showing how tasks flow within your organisation.

Step 4

Once the draft of the process map is ready, we'll share it with you for feedback. It's important for us to know if we've hit the mark or if there are areas that need tweaking. After incorporating any feedback, we finalise the process map and present it to you, ensuring it meets your needs and is ready for implementation.


Process mapping is helpful for any business trying to make sense of its complicated day-to-day tasks. It's like drawing a map that shows how work gets done, helping everyone see where things can get better or faster. This way, businesses can keep improving over time, ensuring they're set up for success, no matter what they do or how big they are.

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