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Outsourced Management System

Critical Path provides a hands-on approach; we do the hard work for you, making the ISO implementation stress-free.

We have partnered with Oscar Compliance Software to provide the latest cloud-based solution to manage your organisation's ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 requirements.

The Oscar management system is an online tool to help you implement and maintain ISO accreditations. Our clients say that Oscar is a cost-effective, intuitive system that is easy to use and continually manage.

Our consultants are Lead Auditors. Therefore, we will provide a pre-audit as part of the hosting service to help you pass your annual ISO certification for every year your management system is hosted with us.

Introducing Oscar

Oscar is fully compliant to ISO standards and has never failed a 3rd party verification audit. We have a 100% certification pass rate.

The features and functionality Oscar provide make it a cost-effective and straightforward solution to managing your ISO requirements; that’s why over 92% of our clients use us as their resource, saving on the cost of employing an internal resource.

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Saves Time
Unlimited Support
Improves Efficiency

Oscar saves time by automating many processes and holding all required documents in one central hub, eliminating the traditional paper-based method of managing ISO.

In addition, you can create a read-only login for your external auditor, allowing them to access all the relevant information, whether the audit is onsite or remote.

Unlimited system support is included throughout your three or five-year hosting contract with Critical Path. In addition, our friendly consultants are on hand to support you at no extra cost via telephone, live chat, email, and online screen share.

We audit your management system before your official audit, as all our ISO consultants are qualified, Lead Auditors. Therefore, as part of the Oscar hosting package, we provide a 'pre-audit' to help you pass your annual certification for every year your system is hosted with us.

Oscar was designed to ensure you are fully compliant in running an effective management system. It helps you operate efficiently whilst applying a dedicated approach to your workplace's quality, health, safety, and environmental management.

Our Oscar system packages are interest-free and are charged at a fixed monthly fee allowing you to spread the cost over a three-year or five-year fixed-term contract to suit your organisation's ISO requirements.

24/7 Accessibility & Security

The system is accessible from any device with an internet connection and is hosted from a secure server farm, so, therefore, it has 24/7 365 availability guaranteed.

User Access Level Control

It has two user access levels, allowing management to see the whole system and edit documents, whereas an employee can only access relevant information.

Document Version Control & Traceability

Within ISO, you have to maintain version control, so the system automatically provides that capability with an entire history of previous document versions.

Automated Email Notifications

Any user instruction through the system will be recorded via an on-screen and email notification; this ensures no instruction is ever missed.

Corrective Action Reporting

When a non-conformance is raised, a notification will automatically send to the applicable user/s to be continually monitored until completed.

Task Scheduler

Any one-off or repetitive task/s can be entered into the system. The relevant user will be informed; once completed, the system will automatically generate this to notify the user.

Fully Maintained Legal Register

The system has a full legal register which we update every six months, and users can define which legislation applies to them with the click of a button.

Automated Document Control

Any documents held outside of the system can be automatically uploaded with the click of a button, and the system will generate a version number.

Dynamic Risk Assessment Tool

The system allows a user to automatically create a risk assessment for any area of the business, which will automatically generate the version number.

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