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Project Details

ANWA stands tall as the premier tower in Dubai Maritime City, soaring over its surroundings with 44 magnificent floors and 225 meticulously designed residences. Not only is it the tallest structure in the vicinity, but ANWA also offers its residents awe-inspiring views of the azure sea.

Its strategic position in Dubai ensures residents have quick access to all the luxuries and amenities the city is renowned for. Yet, despite its centrality, ANWA offers a peaceful abode — where the gentle lapping of waves and the golden embrace of the sun come together to create an atmosphere of serenity and tranquillity.

Project Overview


Duration: 36 Months

Location: Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

How Critical Path Helped

Critical Path was chosen by Omniyat to serve as the Independent Planning Representative for the ANWA project. This pivotal role entailed the rigorous examination and assessment of the contractor's scheduled programmes. Critical Path's commitment was to ensure every milestone and every timeline was in line with the ambitious vision Omniyat had for ANWA. Regular, transparent progress reports were a hallmark of Critical Path's engagement, detailing every accomplishment and addressing potential challenges.

As the project unfolded, the role of Critical Path expanded to include specialised expert planning support, addressing extensions of time claims presented by the main contractor. Every claim was put under the microscope, gauging its validity and understanding its ramifications on the project's timeline and budget. The scope of Critical Path's involvement was holistic, encompassing everything from time and risk management to procurement support, change management, and detailed reporting.

Expertise Highlights

• Rigorous review of contractor's programmes
• Generation of independent progress reports
• Expertise in handling extension of time claims
• Unbiased evaluation of claim merits
• Mastery in time management
• Strategic risk management
• Proficient procurement support
• Adaptive change management strategies
• Transparent reporting techniques

Key Services

• Detailed programme scrutiny
• Proactive claims evaluation
• Time management tools and methodologies
• Risk identification and counter-strategies
• Strategic procurement methodologies
• Change management best practices
• Comprehensive reporting frameworks

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