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Bajo Frio Dam

Project Details

The dam's engineering is a testament to modern design and functionality. This impressive structure is equipped with two advanced spillways. The first showcases a 90-meter-long free nappe, capable of handling a significant drainage capacity of 2,100 m3/s.

In contrast, the secondary spillway is characterized by two chutes, each measuring 6 x 5 m, designed for an evacuation capacity of 700 m3/s. Such a configuration ensures the dam's effective management of water flow, even under challenging conditions, reflecting a blend of engineering prowess and safety considerations.

Project Overview

Client: Fountain



How Critical Path Helped

When undertaking a project of this magnitude, time management is crucial. Critical Path's expertise was sought in the form of an Extension of Time Assessment & Claim focused on time. This service ensures that all project phases, especially those related to the construction and functionality of the spillways, are completed within the stipulated timelines. Any required extensions are meticulously assessed, justified, and documented to ensure project continuity without compromising quality.

In addition to time considerations, the intricate nature of dam projects often entails multiple contracts, agreements, and understandings. This is where Critical Path's Contractual Advice comes into play. Their expert insights ensure that all contractual obligations, nuances, and potential challenges are addressed proactively, ensuring smooth project execution.

Moreover, given the significant financial considerations associated with such a project, a Prolongation Assessment focusing on cost became essential. Critical Path took the helm, assessing any cost implications resulting from project extensions or modifications. This assessment ensures that while project goals are met, financial prudence is maintained.

Expertise Highlights

• Extension of Time Assessment & Claim
• Expert Contractual Advice

Key Services

• Time extension evaluation and claim protocols
• Comprehensive contractual review and guidance
• Financial implications assessment for project prolongations

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