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Al Zorah Development

Project Details

Al Zorah stands as a beacon of luxury and sophistication in Ajman, one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates. This mixed-use development is not just about opulent living but is also designed as a tribute to the region's rich coastal and ecological heritage.

Envisioned as a vibrant seaside community, Al Zorah promises to be more than just a place of residence - it is a space where life thrives, where work and leisure find balance, and where every moment is a celebration of nature and luxury. Its strategic location is an added advantage, with Dubai International Airport just a 25-minute drive away and Sharjah International Airport even closer at 20 minutes.

The grandeur of Al Zorah is not limited to its residences; it extends to world-class hotels, resorts, commercial spaces, and an exquisite 18-hole golf course set amidst the natural beauty of mangroves and sandy expanses.

Project Overview

Client: Al Zorah

Duration: 19 Months

Location: Ajman, UAE

How Critical Path Helped

Critical Path, with its reputation for meticulous planning and project management, was chosen by the engineer to act as the Independent Planning Representative for the Al Zorah development.

Entrusted with this vital role, they were tasked with the in-depth review of the contractor's programmes, ensuring that every phase of this grand development aligned perfectly with the vision set for Al Zorah. Their commitment to transparency and accountability meant that stakeholders were kept informed at every step, thanks to the independent progress reports provided by Critical Path.

But the scope of Critical Path's involvement went beyond just oversight. They played a pivotal role in various aspects of project management, ensuring that time was managed effectively, risks were identified and mitigated, procurement processes were streamlined, any changes were managed efficiently, and every detail was reported in a structured manner.

Expertise Highlights

• Comprehensive review of contractor's programmes
• Generation of independent progress reports
• Mastery in time management
• Strategic risk management
• Efficient procurement support
• Adaptive change management
• Transparent reporting mechanisms

Key Services

• Detailed programme scrutiny
• Progress monitoring and tracking
• Time management best practices
• Risk assessment and mitigation strategies
• Streamlined procurement processes
• Best practices in change management
• Comprehensive reporting frameworks

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