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Project Details

The ambitious project involves the intricate restructuring of docks 5 and 11, significantly expanding the container yard's functionality with a substantial surface area extension of 157,000 m2. But it's not just about the docks; the vision encompasses a holistic development approach.

A modern 5-floor administration building with a rooftop has been artfully constructed. Additionally, the project saw the rise of a 2-floor public building and dedicated structures for maintenance and amenities, emphasizing the blend of functionality and design aesthetics.

Project Overview

Client: APM Terminals



How Critical Path Helped

To ensure the seamless execution and timely delivery of such an expansive project, Critical Path was called upon to offer its specialised services. The project's dynamic nature necessitated the provision of an Extension of Time Assessment(s). Critical Path meticulously evaluated the requirements and implications of time extensions, ensuring that any added duration was justified and aligned with the project's goals.

Furthermore, the Quantum Analysis service offered by Critical Path assessed the project's monetary aspects, ensuring that all financial considerations, changes, and implications were well-documented and transparently communicated.

Disruptions are par for the course in projects of this magnitude. Hence, Disruption Analysis became a crucial service, identifying potential challenges, assessing their impact, and providing strategies to mitigate or overcome them.

Contractual Advice was another pivotal service provided. With many contracts, agreements, and understandings in place, Critical Path's expertise ensured that all contractual obligations were met and any potential disputes were proactively addressed.

Lastly, the Project Controls Implementation focused on Event Procedures. This involved setting up control mechanisms, monitoring tools, and event-specific protocols to ensure the project remained on track and promptly addressed any unforeseen events.

Expertise Highlights

• Thorough Extension of Time Assessment(s)
• Comprehensive Quantum Analysis
• Detailed Disruption Analysis
• Expert Contractual Advice
• Robust Project Controls Implementation

Key Services

• Time extension evaluation protocols
• Financial assessment and reporting methodologies
• Disruption identification and mitigation strategies
• Contractual review and mediation techniques
• Project control mechanisms tailored for specific events

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