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Project Details

The Etihad Rail project represents a transformative stride in modern transportation for the United Arab Emirates. Stretching over hundreds of kilometres, this expansive rail system seeks to connect the country's major hubs, fostering economic growth and enhancing inter-emirate connectivity.

The Etihad Rail isn't just about railways; it embodies a broader infrastructure vision comprising roads, bridges, underpasses, and artfully designed landscaping, ensuring the journey is as remarkable as the destinations it connects.

Project Overview

Client: Ethiad Rail



How Critical Path Helped

Critical Path was pivotal in navigating the complexities of the Etihad Rail project, especially in the realm of Design Development Change Analysis.

Critical Path's expertise ensured that every design modification was meticulously analysed, assessing its implications regarding project execution and the end goal. This approach ensured that changes were integrated, no matter how significant, without jeopardising the project's timeline or vision.

In addition, the intricacies of the Etihad Rail project demanded specialised Advisory Services. Leveraging its vast experience, Critical Path provided invaluable insights into Time and Cost considerations. This entailed a granular look at the project's timelines, ensuring timely progress and offering strategies for effective time management.

On the financial front, Critical Path's advisory ensured that while the quality and grandeur of the project were uncompromised, it remained financially pragmatic and within the defined budgetary parameters.

Expertise Highlights

• Comprehensive Design Development Change Analysis
• Advisory services focused on Time management
• Cost-related advisory services
• Holistic infrastructure planning and execution
• Ensuring project timelines and budgetary efficacy

Key Services

• Detailed analysis for design development alterations
• Advanced time management methodologies
• Cost-benefit analysis techniques
• Integrative infrastructure planning strategies
• Budget adherence and optimisation recommendations

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