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Project Details

Standing prominently in the heart of the Burj Khalifa District, "The Opus" by Omniyat is a mesmerising piece of architecture designed by the iconic Dame Zaha Hadid.

The building stands out not just for its unique design but also for the myriad of experiences it offers within its 20 mixed-use storeys. Residents, visitors, and professionals can indulge in the unmatched luxuries of the unique residences, plush offices, exquisite dining options, and the much-anticipated ME Dubai hotel.

Operated by the renowned Meliá Hotels International, ME Dubai is a treasure trove of art, fashion, cuisine, and music. Touted as "The Building That Never Sleeps", The Opus is a living testament to Dame Zaha Hadid's visionary approach, blending impeccable design with functionality and demonstrating her unparalleled talent that has revolutionised modern architecture.

Project Overview


Duration: 349 Calendar Days

Location: Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

How Critical Path Helped

Critical Path played a crucial role in ensuring the seamless progression of The Opus project. They were brought on board by Omniyat as the Independent Planning Representative. Entrusted with this pivotal role, Critical Path meticulously reviewed and evaluated the contractor's scheduled programmes, ensuring they met the project's stringent benchmarks. Every milestone, every nuance of the plan was closely monitored, and stakeholders were informed with regular, detailed progress reports.

As the project unfolded, the need arose for expert planning support, especially concerning extensions of time claims by the main contractor. With its expertise, Critical Path thoroughly assessed these claims, determining their validity and the subsequent impact on the overall project timeline and finances. Their involvement wasn't just limited to planning; they provided a comprehensive project management solution, addressing time management, risk mitigation, efficient procurement, change management, and transparent reporting.

Expertise Highlights

• Rigorous review of contractor's programmes
• Consistent generation of independent progress reports
• Expertise in addressing extension of time claims
• Independent evaluation of claim merits
• Mastery in time management
• Efficient risk management strategies
• Comprehensive procurement support
• Adaptive change management
• Transparent reporting methodologies

Key Services

• Detailed programme scrutiny
• Transparent claims evaluation protocols
• Time management best practices
• Risk assessment and countermeasure development
• Streamlined procurement processes
• Change management best practices
• Comprehensive reporting methodologies

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