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Show Room Building at SZR

Project Details

Located in the heart of Dubai's premier showroom district on Sheikh Zayed Road, SZ-21 stands out as a paragon of modern design and architectural brilliance. This premium space, dedicated to both showroom and office use, is emblematic of the next generation in commercial establishments.

What truly sets SZ-21 apart is its dazzling array of giant LED screens, making it not just a place of business but also a high-tech advertising marvel. These screens ensure that SZ-21 retains a central, unmistakable presence amidst the city's bustling skyline. The meticulously crafted exterior is balanced with expansive showroom areas and state-of-the-art office spaces, all bathed in abundant natural light, offering an environment that's both functional and aesthetically delightful.

Project Overview


Duration: 10 Months

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

How Critical Path Helped

Critical Path's partnership with Omniyat for the SZ-21 project was instrumental in ensuring its success. As the chosen Independent Planning Representative, Critical Path's mandate was comprehensive. It involved a deep dive into the contractor's scheduled programmes, ensuring that every phase, and every detail was in accordance with the envisioned plan. Their dedication to transparency meant that stakeholders were never in the dark, thanks to their detailed and regular progress reports.

But Critical Path's role wasn't just limited to oversight. Their expertise extended to a range of services that were key to the project's success. From managing timelines and addressing potential risks to overseeing procurement and handling change management, Critical Path ensured that every aspect of SZ-21's development was executed flawlessly. Their consistent reporting meant that every stage of the project was documented, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Expertise Highlights

• Comprehensive review of contractor's programmes
• Consistent delivery of independent progress reports
• Mastery in time management
• Proactive risk management approaches
• Proficient procurement support
• Adaptive change management strategies
• Transparent and consistent reporting

Key Services

• Detailed programme scrutiny
• Regular progress monitoring
• Time management best practices
• Risk assessment and mitigation strategies
• Streamlined procurement processes
• Change management best practices
• Comprehensive reporting frameworks

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