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Project Details

Situated on the secluded Sheybarah Island, just a 45-minute boat journey from the mainland, lies the Sheybarah Hotel. This hyper-luxury resort boasts 73 keys, promising guests an unparalleled experience of luxury set against nature's pristine backdrop.

The island itself is a treasure trove of biodiversity, with its dense mangroves, unique desert flora, white sandy dunes, and coral flats interspersed with sea grass. Adding to the island's allure are the untouched coral reefs, heralded as some of the finest globally, which play host to a myriad of marine life and birds.

The vision for the Sheybarah Hotel goes beyond luxury hospitality; it aims to enhance and preserve the rich biodiversity of the surrounding habitat. By doing so, it positions itself, and by extension Saudi Arabia, as a coveted marine eco-tourism destination that caters to discerning travellers from all corners of the globe.

Project Overview

Client: Killa Design

Duration: 25 Months

Location: Sheybarah Island, Saudi Arabia

How Critical Path Helped

Killa Design, recognising the importance and sensitivity of this project, enlisted the expertise of Critical Path. The goal was clear: develop an integrated design programme that not only ensures the timely and accurate execution of the project but also remains adaptable to the dynamic nature of such an undertaking.

From the outset, Critical Path embarked on establishing a solid baseline programme. This became the bedrock for measuring performance throughout the project's lifecycle. Critical Path instituted a reporting system to foster transparency and maintain alignment between Killa Design and the client. This system was designed to provide real-time visibility into the project's progress, ensuring that all stakeholders remained informed at all times.

Beyond establishing the programme, Critical Path's commitment to the project's success manifested in their weekly reporting, capturing the programme's status in detail. Key highlights of these reports included milestone updates and a deep dive into critical activities, ensuring that potential challenges were swiftly identified and addressed.

Expertise Highlights

• Development of an integrated design programme
• Establishment of a robust baseline for performance measurement
• Transparent reporting mechanisms
• Detailed milestone tracking
• Comprehensive analysis of critical project activities

Key Services

• Integrative design programme development
• Baseline establishment techniques
• Real-time programme visibility strategies
• Weekly progress reporting
• Critical activity analysis and monitoring

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