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Vida Marina Hotel & Residential Tower

Project Details

Elevating the skyline of Dubai Marina, this 220-meter tall tower is not just a residential edifice but an emblem of luxury and sophistication. Residents of this imposing 57-storey mixed-use development are treated to breathtaking views of the marina, with its gleaming yachts creating a picturesque backdrop.

Beyond the visual delights, the tower's strategic location ensures that the best of Dubai Marina is just a stroll away. With its entrance opening up to the street and leading to the Marina Promenade, accessibility is a given. Inside, the tower promises opulence, with a contemporary high-end design that matches the expectations of the discerning dweller. Beyond the residential units, which range from one to four-bedroom apartments, the development also boasts 158 hotel rooms, further amplifying its stature as a mixed-use marvel.

Project Overview

Client: Killa Design

Duration: 35 Months

Location: Dubai Marina, UAE

How Critical Path Helped

When Killa Design envisioned this masterpiece, they knew the importance of precision planning and execution. To this end, they engaged Critical Path as their Planning Representative. With this mandate, Critical Path took on the responsibility of reviewing the contractor's programmes, ensuring that every phase of the development was on track. They didn't just rely on the contractor's progress reports but took it upon themselves to provide independent progress reports, keeping all stakeholders informed and ensuring transparency.

As the project progressed, there were challenges to navigate, primarily in the form of extension of time claims by the main contractor. Critical Path, with their expertise, provided invaluable planning support, assessing the validity of these claims and their potential impact. Their holistic approach meant that they were not just involved in planning but offered comprehensive project management solutions, be it in terms of time management, risk assessment, procurement strategies, change management, or transparent reporting.

Expertise Highlights

• Comprehensive review of contractor's programmes
• Consistent delivery of independent progress reports
• Expertise in addressing extension of time claims
• Independent evaluation of claim merits
• Mastery in time management
• Proactive risk management
• Proficient procurement support
• Efficient change management strategies
• Transparent reporting mechanisms

Key Services

• Detailed programme scrutiny
• Regular progress monitoring
• Claims assessment and validation
• Time management best practices
• Risk identification and mitigation
• Streamlined procurement processes
• Best practices in change management
• Comprehensive reporting frameworks

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