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We're thrilled to announce our sponsorship of 'The Club Rugby' and 'Clubbers Netball Team' at the 2023 Dubai Sevens. This sponsorship marks a significant step in our journey of supporting sportsmanship and excellence.

Overview of The Dubai Sevens

The 2023 Dubai Sevens, held at The Sevens Stadium, showcased twelve men's and women's teams in a spirited competition. With a capacity of 44,000, the stadium hosts various sports and events, including the World Rugby Sevens Series annually since 2008. Notably, South Africa clinched the men's title for their fifth consecutive win, while Australia secured the women's title, marking their fourth consecutive victory.

History of The Dubai Sevens

The Dubai Sevens has a rich history dating back to the '70s. It started small but has grown into one of the most anticipated events each year. The tournament serves as a platform for showcasing emerging rugby talent and has significantly contributed to the development of rugby in the Middle East and beyond.

Why We Sponsored the Teams

Our sponsorship goes beyond brand exposure; it's about making a difference and being part of something bigger. Supporting these teams aligns with our mission to provide exceptional services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients worldwide. It reflects our commitment to excellence and community engagement, values we uphold in our international consultancy services.

The Experience

A memorable highlight for Critical Path was the opportunity for some of our employees to attend the Dubai Sevens in December. Enjoying Dubai's sunny weather, they had a great day out, mingling with both the Rugby and Netball teams. It was inspiring to witness our teams give their all, reminding us of our passion for what we do at Critical Path.

Impact and Future Endeavours

Our sponsorship signifies a long-term commitment to supporting sports and community initiatives. With a global presence in the UK, UAE, and India, we pledge to continue fostering talent and contributing to the communities we serve. We're dedicated to making a positive impact wherever possible and have plans to continue supporting events like the Dubai Sevens.


We congratulate all the participants of the 2023 Dubai Sevens for their remarkable performance and to the event organisers. Critical Path can't wait to do more; here's to more sports, more fun, and more community spirit!

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